Belorechenskiy district continues to take Ukrainian citizens were forced to leave its territory

September 16, 2014 / Announcements and results of actions

According Belorechensky Management Department of the Federal Migration Service of the territory of the district arrived in 1432 a man of them, 691 people applied to the "Multi-center of public and municipal services of the municipal formation Belorechensky area" in order to obtain guidance in collecting the necessary documents.

As of September 1, 2014 in the school district Belorechensky enrolled 117 children. Order of the head of the municipality Belorechenskiy district of "Hotel Belorechensk" is defined as a temporary accommodation of Ukrainian citizens were forced to leave its territory. At the moment the hotel taken by 65 people. In Belorechensk are 4 points of issue of humanitarian aid are located at the following addresses: Belorechensk str. International, 28, 42, 245; Belorechensk str. Taman Army 114, 1 entrance, 1st floor.