Vitaly Mutko called Belorechensk sports hope Kuban

September 1, 2014 / Investment

In Belorechinsky area in honor of the 152 anniversary of the founding of the village Belorechenskaya opened two major sports facility and gave rise to the construction of the Ice Palace. Multi-sports complex "Chemist" and an indoor swimming pool "Wave" in the village of Springs opened their doors in exactly the new school year.

What is also very symbolic. The opening ceremony was attended by sports facilities Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko, vice-governor of Kuban Doluda Nicholas, head of the municipality Ivan Imgrunt. Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko expressed delight seeing the spacious swimming pool with 25-meter lanes and lounges. - It's just great when in such a small town is paid so much attention to the development of sport and a healthy lifestyle among the population, especially among the younger generation. The minister talked to young swimmers, coaches, management, and wished to multiply achieved. Further, the delegation proceeded to the district center, the street International, 1 A, where a solemn ceremony was the start of a multipurpose sports complex "Chemist". It opened by the Minister of Sports Vitaly Mutko, vice governor of Kuban Nicholas Doluda and administrative director of "EuroChem" Igor Shchelkunov.

Mutko handed over the symbolic key to the complex Belorechenskaya athlete, the master of sports of international class Russia, a member of the Russian national team in freestyle wrestling, junior world champion in 2014 Lyubov Ovcharova. The three-story sports facility has no analogues in the Krasnodar region. Universal game gym has an area of one and a half thousand square meters and can accommodate 396 seats on the rostrum. With the ease of a game room can be converted into a concert hall. On the opening day, and in honor of the city and the district there was a big concert. For residents and visitors were artists Belorechensky district of the Krasnodar Philharmonic GF Ponomarenko. Gala concert with the participation of teams Philharmonic: "Kuban Cossack libertines", "Willow", Chamber Choir, "Virtuosos of Kuban", Symphonic Orchestra, Kuban State Ballet - were able to watch and listen to more than 1000 people. So many houses a concert hall complex. The sports complex "Chemist" equipped gymnasium, wrestling, sports and gyms, health and recreation center with massage treatments and a sauna.

There are classrooms, a methodical study, conference room, bar, hotel rooms. For the realization of such a large project fr om different levels of budget allocated 336 million rubles. This is the result of a tripartite agreement between the construction of the Krasnodar Territory Alexander Tkachev governor, now "Eurohim BMU" and municipality, in the face of I.Imgrunta. The company "Eurohim" for many years supported the development of mass sports in the areas wh ere it operates. Built ice arenas, sports complexes. Ltd. "Eurohim BMU" work closely with the municipal administration Belorechenskiy district in the social sphere. This friendship pleased with everything, especially the people, for whom the municipality with the support of the chemical enterprise, organizes city events, concerts and festivals.

A significant event for all residents of the city and district has become laying the foundation of the Ice Palace. Russia's sports minister Vitaly Mutko and Vice-Governor Nikolai Doluda laid the capsule with a message to posterity on the future site of the building. Mutko this project a major breakthrough, and wished that the Ice Palace was built as fast as the swimming pool "Wave" and a sports complex "Chemist". In the near future, at the Ice Palace children can play hockey, and maybe even grow new stars of figure skating. Opening of new sports facilities in Belorechensk has become a boon for the people of the district. Now the site can safely claim to be the most sporting of the municipality.