Construction of the plant for the production of concrete socket pipes on the territory of the Belorechenskoye urban settlement

Address: Belorechenskoye urban settlement, industrial area.Investor: the Belorechenskiy Concrete Products Plant No. 7, LLC.Investment volume: 43,700 thousand rubles.Implementation period: 1st quarter of 2008 Ц the 2nd quarter of 2009.

1. Location of the project: Belorechenskoye urban settlement, industrial area.

2. Name of the investment project: "Arrangement of the production of the concrete socket pipes".

3. Industry: Production of the construction materials.

4. The volume of investments is 43,700 thousand rubles.

5. Initiator of the project: the Belorechenskiy Concrete Products Plant No. 7, LLC.

6. Sources of funding the project: the initiatorТs own funds and borrowed funds (leasing).

5. Description of the project: The main objectives of the investment project is to meet the current demand for concrete socket pipes in both the Krasnodar region and the Russian Federation as a whole, the expansion of the market of services, creation of new jobs, as well as making profit. To implement the goals, purchase of modern high-tech equipment of Schlosser-PFEIFER German production is assumed.

6. Range of products: The company is expected to start production of concrete socket reinforced pipes according to GOST 20054-82 and GOST 6482-88 with diameter from 500 to 1,500 mm and up to 3 meters long. In addition, the production of wells, trays and other concrete products made of reinforced concrete will be mastered on this equipment.

7. The volume of the production is 32 million rubles per year at the designed capacity.