The Municipal Formation Belorechensk District offers an investment attractive land plot

The construction of an industrial facility will be arranged on the site.

A land plot in the Druzhnenskoye rural settlement of the Belorechensk District of the Krasnodar Region is planned to be used for arranging an industrial facility. The site belongs to the category of lands for industrial and other special purposes; it is not currently used and is free from buildings and other objects of the property complex; it is not encumbered.

The area of investment-attractive plot is 16,143 sq. m. The site is located in Druzhnenskoye rural settlement. The distance to the federal highway УMaykop city - Ust-Labinsk city Ц Korenovsk cityФ is 14 km.

The distance from the municipal center of Belorechensk city 13.59 km. The distance from the regional center of Krasnodar city is 96 km.

The distance to the nearest railway station of Pshekhskaya is 5 km, to the Krasnodar Airport is 88 km, and to the seaport of Novorossiysk is 220 km.

The site is in the property by the Administration of the Municipal Formation Belorechensk District.

Address: Lenin Street, 66/1, Belorechensk town, Krasnodar region, Russia, 352630

Phones: +7 86155 3 35 38


Telephone for investors and business representatives: +7 86155 3 35 38

For foreign investors, please contact +7 (861) 251-77-64